A Holistic Work Program for long-term unhoused residents of East Austin.

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1189 Springdale Rd

About Us

We support East Austin residents on their re-entry journey from unhoused to self-sufficient citizens through a holistic multi-tiered work/apprenticeship program.

We seek to establish HHF as a new and more effective model for addressing long-term homelessness that can be replicated within our city, our state, and eventually our country.

It is hard work putting people to work. But no one is beyond help and everyone can be productive if given the right opportunities and support.

HHF is a registered 501c3.

Programs and Services we offer

Apparel - Laundry - Showers

Build Confidence and Self-Esteem.

Community Food

Healthy Hearty Meals Twice a Day. It is hard to work on an empty stomach.

Support Services

Eliminate the Invisible Barriers.

L1: Re-entry doing Cleanup

Honest Pay for the Day. Help clean up the neighbourhood and the parks.

L2: Washing Cars as a Team

A Sustained Daily Work Opportunity. At Hungry Hill Hand Wash and Detailing, learn how to work a shift and constantly deliver a high-quality result.

L3: Construction for Skills

Master In-Demand Skills. Start as a sherpa and work your way up to a craftsman.

Why are we doing this?

It's our neighborhood

We grew up here. We need support from the rest of the City but the problems we face as a community are ours to solve.

A Path Forward

No one is beyond help and everyone can work if given the right support. Housing alone is not a solution.

A Thirst for Justice

How is it that five guys who went to high school together wind up living in the park next to the houses their parents owned? The system that allowed that to happen needs to be changed.

A Model for the World

We will show the world how to solve a seemingly intractable problem by going beyond the government support which cycles between neglect and ineffective programs.

Contact Info

Interesting in helping? Send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.